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KH INTIMATES: bespoke underwires developed

AFTER its research had shown that bra wearers suffered discomfort as a result of the excessively wide underwires normally used for larger cup bras, fuller bust bra specialist Katherine Hamilton Intimates developed bespoke underwires for use in all its bras. KH Intimates Director Katy Payne explained: “We found that as the wires increased in size, they also increased in width which assumes that larger breasts have wider roots. When testing the fit of these wires on our unique size range of 26-36, D-HH however, we found that this increase in width was not representative of our models’ breast roots. Instead we found that the breast roots of our models only increased in width up to a certain size, after which the breast volume increased more in the breast root height and breast fullness. Increased capacity in our larger sizes is achieved primarily through increased cup capacity and slightly taller underwires, with little increase in width.”

KH Intimates

KH Intimates

If they are confirmed as a solution to comfort problems, the bespoke underwires could provide KH Intimates with a valuable competitive advantage.


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