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KIABI: post-mastectomy bra launched in Italy


IN SUPPORT of a campaign to spread greater awareness of the dangers of breast cancer, to be launched in Italy next month, French fast fashion discount distributor Kiabi launched several initiatives for its Italian operation. The first of these is the launch in October of a post-mastectomy bra by the chain’s Italian subsidiary. Labelled Easy Bra, the new product is made in a cotton stretch fabric, without underwires, and with a soft lining to accommodate breast forms. It will be priced very competitively at EUR 14,99. The chain will also put on sale in its major markets a range of sleepwear for which it will donate for every sale made EUR 1 to a cancer charity in France and Spain as well as in Italy.




Compared with the price of branded post-mastectomy bras, that of the Kiabi private label article is extremely competitive. It could well attract many new customers to Kiabi stores.

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