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LASCANA: 3D printed bra and panties set developed


IN COLLABORATION with Russian designer Viktoria Anoka and Moscow-based 3D Printus, German lingerie distributor Lascana has developed a 3D printed bra and panties set featuring a sea-shell design. The set, which is to be launched in November, was originally intended to circumvent a Russian law banning for health reasons the import and sale of lingerie made in synthetic fibre lace. It now appears that it will be added, at at a retail price of EUR 80, to the distributor’s regular range that is proposed in Germany and elsewhere.




It has not been made clear whether the relatively high price tag reflects production costs or novelty value. What is certain is that, sooner or later, 3D printed lingerie will have a disruptive effect on the production and distribution of intimate apparel.


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