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LAUMA LINGERIE: chain expands into Africa

 THE FIRST franchised shop in Africa was opened by the Latvia-based Lauma Lingerie chain operated by Silvano Fashion Group. Located in a shopping mall in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, the store brings to over 50 the number of the chain’s outlets that are mainly in Eastern Europe but also in Mongolia and Saudi Arabia. Last year, Lauma Lingerie generated sales of 10.24m and declared a profit of EUR 0.99m.


Lauma Lingerie

Lauma Lingerie

Because the chain operates stores in Ukraine as well as Russia, its performance in 2014 and beyond could suffer from trade sanctions imposed by Russia in response to those imposed by the EU.



LAUNCHED in France two years ago, e-tailer Menalso.fr now proposes personalized boxers or jockstraps for minimum orders of five pieces. The personalized text or name is flocked onto the waistband and limited to ten letters but options cover 15 typefaces, 8 colours and 27 additional symbols. The garments are proposed only in black cotton/elastane blend fabric to highlight the personalized waistband. The cost of personalization is provided only in response to specific requests, however, and the flocking process requires special care precautions.


The fact that potential buyers have to request cost information could limit the proportion of sales that are personalized.



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