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LEAVERS: French producers adopt new label

ORIGINALLY launched in 1958 by the French lace federation, the Dentelles de Calais label has now become Dentelles de Calais-Caudry with the subtitle “Made in France on Leavers looms”. The federation’s President, Romain Lescroart, who is also CEO of Sophie Halette, explained that the change was intended to provide greater precision and to provide greater visibility for Caudry, which is also a major source of Leavers lace. He added that 90 per cent of Leavers looms operating in the world were in France, with producers in Calais serving mainly the lingerie sector while those in Caudry supplied mainly the prêt-à-porter industry.


Despite the President’s comments, most producers of Leavers lace in Calais claim that their currently difficult situation is due to competition from Leavers lace producers in Asia.

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