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LENZING: use of Tencel® fibre for knitting being developed


SPEAKING at a press conference organized by the company during the Première Vision and Texworld salons in Paris, Lenzing CCO Robert van de Kerkhof said that the use of Tencel fibre for knitting was a particularly exciting current development. While Tencel promotion to date had focused mainly on woven products, new finishing processes and special Tencel fibres had opened up tremendous potential for the fibre in the knitting sector. His comments were made in connection with the completion and start of production at the world’s largest Tencel plant in Lenzing, which represented an investment of EUR 150m and, with an annual nominal capacity of 67’000 tons, produced four times the volume of fibre as the largest previously existing facilities. Click here to access more details of the presentation.


Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO Lenzing

Robert van de Kerkhof, CCO Lenzing

Given time, it is possible that Tencel will join Modal, also produced by Lenzing, as one of the most appreciated fibres used for production of intimate apparel fabrics.




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