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MATERNITY: higher sales of intimates predicted

ACCORDING to a report published recently by research concern Technavio, the global market for maternity underwear will expand at a CAGR of 3.2 per cent in the five years to 2019. Higher consumption of maternity intimate apparel in India and China is said to be the main driver of the predicted expansion. In 2014, bras accounted for 54.15 per cent of the market and leading suppliers named by the report include Amoralia, Cake Maternity and Destination Maternity. The report adds that the Americas region accounted for the largest share of the market and it notes that online sales are a major driver of market growth. Complete report details are available from htpps://wiseguysreports.com/reports/global-apparel-and-textile-maternity-intimate-wear-market-2015-2019.


Anita maternity

Anita maternity

As for everyday bras and lingerie, online stores are likely to win a steadily higher proportion of sales, especially in India where specialist physical stores remain few and far between.


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