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NAKED BRAND: strong Q1 growth reported 

THE SALES growth of 72 per cent reported by Naked Brand Group for its first quarter is attributed largely to shipments of the women’s sleepwear, loungewear and intimate apparel products that were added to the range in 2015. CEO Carole Hochman commented: “The women’s sleepwear and intimates market is nearly five times larger than the men’s underwear market, so we believe it represents a substantial opportunity ahead for the Company. We believe we are now positioned for significant growth. We expect to add new wholesale customer accounts for our women’s collections in the next several fiscal quarters and expect our sales of women’s products to continue to increase throughout the fiscal year.” Nevertheless, men’s products remained highly important, accounting for 55 per cent of the company’s wholesale and e-commerce revenues during the quarter.

Naked Brand

Naked Brand

Since its relocation in the US in late 2014, and its diversification into women’s products, the Canadian brand has continued to improve its performance.



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