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NILIT: major brand adopts Innergy fibre

MAJOR Italian bodywear brand Parah announced the launch for S/S 2017 of a collection featuring fabrics containing Nilit Innergy, a 6.6 PA microfiber with integrated Far Infrared (FIR) properties that provide a feeling of wellbeing. Labelled Active, the capsule collection has a strong focus on fitness, with a sophisticated and metropolitan approach. Nilit Director of Global Marketing Pierluigi Berardi commented: “It is a very ambitious project which has required strong and mindful development. We are very proud of Parah’s collaboration and honoured that such a ‘brand of excellence’ has opted for Nilit in setting up this new project and we are confident that results will come quickly. Today athleisure is a quite new but already crowded area which in the long run will leave no room to improvisation. Those, like us, who seriously and systematically make research and development and strive for innovation, are entitled to become a highly qualified reference partner”.

Parah Active

Parah Active


At a time when most bodywear brands are either implementing or planning some degree of diversification into activewear, growth prospects for FIR fibres appear very promising.


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