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OYSHO: first airport store opened in Barcelona

THE BODYWEAR chain operated by Inditex under the Oysho label opened its first airport store at the end of March. Located in the Sky Center area of Barcelona airport, the new 148m2 store offers swimwear, hosiery, active sportswear and accessories as well as swimwear. In 2014, the chain, together with Zara Home, achieved the fastest growth of all Inditex brands, raising its sales by 18 per cent, to EUR 416m, and its profit by 63 per cent, to EUR 65m. It now operates 575 stores in 41 countries.




As Spain’s second busiest airport, with over 37 million passengers a year, Barcelona offers not only promising sales opportunities but will also serve to raise further the international awareness and recognition of the Oysho brand. 

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