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PAOLO BRIATORE: named to key Asian posts by Invista


TEXTILE fibre specialist Invista announced the appointment of Paolo Briatore as Business Director Apparel South Asia and Managing Director Invista India Sales & Service Ltd. Briatore has 20 years experience of the textile business in a variety of posts involving sales management in textile machinery, processing and fibre production. Invista says that the appointment highlights the importance given to the South Asia business by giving it a central platform at a global level.


Paolo Briatore

Paolo Briatore

NANCY PEDOT: resigns as CEO of Princesse tam tam


OWNER Fast Retailing, that is best known for its operation of the Uniqlo chain, announced that Nancy Pedot has resigned as Managing Director of its subsidiaries Princesse tam tam and Comptoir des Cotonniers. Ms Pedot, who joined Fast Retailing less than a year ago, said she was leaving to pursue other projects.

Nancy Pedot

Nancy Pedot




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