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PEOPLE: corporate personalities

ANDREA CRESPI: to deal with sustainability with SMI


THE MANAGING Director of Italian knitter Eurojersey, Andrea Crespi who initiated the company’s important sustainability programme, was appointed to the Board of Sistema Moda Italia (SMI) with special responsibilities for sustainability, research and innovation. Crespi was responsible for the creation and development of the SensitiveEcoSystem® project that promotes sustainable textile production.


Andrea Crespi

Andrea Crespi

MARCO GALBUSERA: given more scope by Calzedonia


ITALIAN legwear and bodywear giant Calzedonia announced the promotion of Marco Galbusera to the post of retail Manager for Japan, Hong Kong, the UK and USA. Since 2010, Galbusera had been responsible for the brand’s development in Germany jointly with Stefano Organai, who now assumes sole responsibility for that market.

Marco Galbusera

Marco Galbusera


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