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MULTINATIONAL lingerie brand Triumph announced the appointment of Alberto Nathanson as its CFO, effective 1 March 2016. For nearly seven years, Nathanson has been CFO of Benetton Group.


Alberto Nathanson

Alberto Nathanson



GARRY HOGARTH: resigns as CEO of AP


LUXURY erotic lingerie brand Agent Provocateur said that Garry Hogarth is to resign from his post of CEO after ten years tenure. A new CEO, who is to assume the post in April 2016, has been selected but the name has not yet been revealed.

Gary Hogarth

Gary Hogarth



JORGE BESCHINSKY: takes helm of Dogi


FOLLOWING the resignation for personal reasons of Montserrat Figueras as CEO of Dogi, the company’s owners Sherpa Capital announced the appointment to the post of Jorge Beschinsky, who will be responsible also for the management of the Elastic Fabrics of America ((EFA) plant in the USA.

Jorge Beschinsky

Jorge Beschinsky

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