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Piave Maitex S/S 2016 collection

 With great satisfaction and pride for the recent election “Créateur de l’année 2016”


will present the new proposals for the

spring/summer season 2016

at Interfilière – Paris on 24-26 January 2015:

these include a wide selection of new fashion fabrics, high-tech and the new collection of Lingerie

Printed fabrics.



Piave Maitex Tecnogrip

Piave Maitex Tecnogrip

Presented as a preview to the main operators in the sector, this fabric, clearly revolutionary for conception, technique and performance, has aroused genuine interest for innovation and functionality. The versatility of use suggests the consequent development of a dedicated line, withtechnical features suited to each requirement of the industry. Without using silicones or added materials, TECNOGRIP adheres nicely to the skin ensuring full stability even under conditions of intense physical activity, ensuring a firm close fitting and modelling the body lines, all without sacrificing  the necessary breathability. Its predisposition for clean-cut greatly facilitates the manufacture of every type of garments, traditional or seamless. Resistance to pilling, stretch recovery, compactness, handfeel, UV protection, colour rendition, resistance to chemicals are features completing the technical profile of this fabric. NEW SHEER LOOK

New Sheer Look

New Sheer Look

2016 is the year of transparencies, interpreted in the new collection with a series of meshes, nets and voiles. Fashion fabrics for all needs, from lightweight, thin, diaphanous meshes, to nets with irregular patterns, modulated control, structured, however all sensual and sheer. Some are embellished with striped motifs, attractive assymetries, hints of pleats that create effects of light and relief. Soft and pleasant, classic but innovative at the same time, provide sureness and sensuality to wear. NEW OPERATED “WONDERLAND”



The well-known range of figured fabrics “Wonderland” has expanded with new drawings, made possible by the use of a newly purposely designed and conceived knitting machine. Derived from modern Visual Design, fashion, 3D, they are aesthetically valuable and often technically usable on both sides, with controlled elasticity and excellent close fitting, extreme soft handfeel. These are designed for a young sport looking and stylish underwear/ outerwear, with interesting digressions in smart casualwear, streetwear, in fitness.


The concept of the spring/summer Printed Collection 2016 by PIAVEMAITEX focuses on contamination, until the fusion of elements, styles, colours, tastes and ideas into the great melting pot of nature of human creativity. The themes of the collection are: ORNAMENTS AND LIGHTNESS Piave-Ornaments-&-lightness Femininity is the keyword of this theme, featuring ornamental an sensual designs, contrasts of colours and styles that enhance through the prints the miracle of feminine sensuality. Embossed motifs create lace and floral designs on soft transparencies. Warmer tones inspired by Degas’ and Cézanne’s color palettes alternate with very diluted tempera, delicate and light as watercolors, laying on botanical or floral motifs. Delicate impressions, coveying confidence and peace of mind. SKY AND SEA Piave-Sky-&-sea1500 Theme inspired by all that the Ocean can give us, such as shells and fossils that decorate soft andshimmering fabrics or such as pastel colored scales and sea skins proposed on white and sensual voiles. The color blends create volume effects on new lightweight structures; the liquid designs create prints inspired by the movement of the higher clouds, while the palette colors of eyeshadows (fards), stolen to cosmetics, create wonderful combinations in the contamination between sky and sea. WEAVING Piave-Weaving500 Here the contamination becomes pure weave, new materials interlace, evolve into nets, develop into very light macramé dyed color effects, a theme combining both masculine and feminine elements, roughness and gentleness, over soft and silky fabrics alongside matt nets. TALISMAN Piave-Talisman500 In this theme we expressed the fusion of styles in a graphic way, with illustrative and geometric keynotes, black colored tribal motifs on ivory, modern skins, abstract motifs with a handicraft and primitive look. The inspiration is the Visual Art combined with typical elements of menswear. The color tones are bright and bold: blue, brown, orange, red, with indigo colored accents inspired by Indian culture and animalier on lightweight fabrics.

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