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SATERI: sustainability policy extended

CHINESE producer of viscose fibre Sateri complemented its existing pulp sourcing policy, that was announced in June 2015, with a policy relating to yarn production. The company, said to be one of the world’s largest in its field, detailed its commitment to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. Senior VP Ben Poon explained: “This is a major milestone for Sateri. We have always adopted sound business and operational practices that place social and environment good at the core. A business group managed by RGE Group, Sateri was guided by the group-wide RGE Sustainability Framework in the formalization of our Sustainability Policy. We are determined and committed to lead by example in our industry for sustainable development for others to follow.”



Whatever the Chinese equivalent for “chutzpah” might be, it well describes Poon’s statement since Austrian producer Lenzing has been at the forefront of environmental protection for many decades.


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