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SELMARK: retail activities to be strengthened

LEADING Spanish lingerie brand Selmark revealed that it is planning to strengthen its retail activities at home and in export markets, which account for 40 per cent of its sales. In Spain, where the brand operates concessions in 65 El Corte Inglés department stores, it is considering the opening of mono-brand flagship stores in major cities. Elsewhere, Selmark has already opened two flagship stores in Seoul, Korea, and plans to open another eight outlets in the country in the coming year. In China, the brand has begun to discuss with its distributor the opening of standalone stores. Stores are likely to be opened in other countries as opportunities occur.



In all markets, wholesale customers accept the concept of a brand’s flagship store, which allows the complete product range to be tested. However, and understandably, they will react negatively to any retail activity that they perceive as competing with their business.


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