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SOLVAY: investment in smart PA fibres planned

THROUGH its Fibras Global Business Unit, nylon fibre producer Solvay is investing some BRL 50m in the latest texturing equipment and on the modernization of the weaving capacity of its Santo André plant in Brazil. The objective is to double the sales volume of the unit that now generates 20 per cent of its revenues with products launched less than five years ago, a proportion which it wants to raise to 40 per cent by 2018. Recent innovations include Amni Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable polyamide fibre, which decomposes quickly when disposed of in a landfill. The company is also preparing to launch Amni Sustainable White, a white yarn that increases productivity and saves water, energy and raw materials.




Both new products promise to reduce significantly the nylon fibre producer’s environmental footprint.


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