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Saturday 22 September 2012

CIFRA S.p.A.: new seamless bodywear features Emana fibre

ITALIAN seamless knitter Cifra, pioneer in the field of warp knitted seamless (WKS) technology, has launched a range of seamless bodywear knitted with Emana yarn, developed by Rhodia and distributed in Europe by Fulgar. Labelled Doubleskin, the range benefits from the yarn’s capacity for improving microcirculatory blood flow and cellular metabolism, which delivers major benefits in terms of cosmetic care as well as athletic performance. Cifra owner and CEO Cesare Citterio says that, when worn for at least 6 hours a day for 60 consecutive days, Doubleskin bodywear reduces cellulite by upwards of 12 per cent in addition to other health and cosmetic benefits.

WKS by Cifra

Added to the comfort due to the absence of seams and the creative opportunities created by the WKS technology, the benefits provided by the yarn promise to appeal to many consumers.

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