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SUNSELECT: tan-through fabrics arouse more interest

SPECIALIST supplier of tan-through swimwear fabrics SunSelect reported growing interest for its products on the part of converters. The company announced that at least four converters – GTL, Lyma International, Ritext 2002 and Textra – will show at the MarediModa salon in Cannes next month some print designs on tan-through fabrics. All the fabrics, which include blends of PA and PE with Lycra elastane as well as blends of cotton and Tencel with PBT polyester, feature a patented technology that further enhances the tan-through performance.

SunSelect fabric

SunSelect fabric Type ELN PE&EA

Since tan-through swimwear fabrics also provide protection against potentially harmful solar radiation, they should appeal to health-conscious consumers as well as to women seeking to eliminate white areas and streaks from their tanned body.


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