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Trends creora Activewear 2016

Hyosung launches new creora® products and 2016 Activewear fabric trends

Hyosung, one of the world’s largest producers of nylon, polyester, and the largest in spandex, introduces new creora® products and previews 2016 fabric trends at the Outdoor Retailer, Salt Lake City, booth 38215.

The new creora® fibers include:

- 55 denier creora® Black for increase power and compression without grin through
- 55 and 70 denier creora® highclo™ superchlorine resistant spandex
- creora® Color+ dyeable spandex for deeper darker colors and better colorfastness.


Pushing boundaries and breaking barriers is crucial in pushing performance to the limit. Sport is an age-old activity but it maintains its momentum through reinvention and no more so than through the extreme and ‘aggro’ sports pursued by adrenalin junkies who relish endurance. In keeping with reinvention, the core inspiration pulls from the past as an industrial approach inspires the fabric construction in this direction.

There is a grungy aspect to this direction with creora® Black solution dyed spandex delivering darker tones. Gruelling and hardcore is the look, but as we know, looks can be deceiving and through the inclusion of innovative yarn combinations, knits and wovens are actually lighter. Masculine, robust and rugged in its approach this is an asexual offering, equality reigns in this hardcore sector.

For training, triathlons and cross fit performance, creora® highclo™ super chlorine resist spandex delivers lasting fit and compression.



Futuristic in its offering, interaction is the name of the game as fabrics embrace, protect and enhance, connecting directly with the wearer. Featherweight fabrics are packed full of performance with MIPAN nylonsemi dull to brilliant and tri-lobal qualities that gleam. Surfaces are compact, clean and smooth, defying gravity and taking on the casing of a modern robot.

Computer circuit boards feature in prints and inspire jacquard effects. creora® Color+ dyeable spandex enhances the new digital colors by eliminating grin through.

Mipan Aqua X or Askin with UV protection and cooling in featherweight whites with opacity delivers on the clean look too. With the rise of social media and immediacy of connection, fabrics in this direction follow suit, fast reacting to the wearer’s demands at all levels.



Traditional natural & natural touch like cotna polyester fabrics infiltrates this activewear sector. Consumers still demand the inherent touch of natural fibers, especially when worn against the skin, but paramount to this is the fit and function fabrics can deliver. The natural inspiration isn’t just updated on the yarn front; it has to be updated on the color front too! Embrace the nuances of unique natural colors, boosted bycreora® Color+ for a vibrant finish combined with an embracing fit.

Soft stretch through to core stability compression features with the inclusion of creora® ecosoftspandex/elastane yarns with new age cellulosics. The natural inspiration automatically triggers sustainability through the textile chain from water and energy saving to recycled yarns without neglecting high levels of performance.

Both warp knit and circular knit fabrics deliver on the desired flexibility and fit with waxy surfaces mimicking the protective aspect of fruit skin and the compact aspect of plant and flower stems and stalks through to the smoothness of minerals. Texture also features in more erratic organic form with color playing striations in mélange tone-on-tone effects.




It may be the mind that fuels the determination in sports, but it is the body that is the performance tool. With this in mind, generate is inspired by our very makeup, the intricacy of anatomical structures to the fascination of cells. Body embracing fabrics are fundamental in enhancing the wearers’ performance as well as offering protection from injury. High compression knits feature in this sector benefitting from creora® Power Fit for excellent shaping and compression, with surfaces in both circular and warp knits taking on a semi dull to satin finish through the inclusion of synthetics.

While compact fabrics embrace the body there is also a demand for detail, offered through innovative jacquard structures, digital prints, punch out details through to lasering. Massaging textured warp knits feature with 3D surface effects through to the inclusion of MIPAN FIT Far-infared yarns for increasing the circulation. Clean cut is a key component to this sector, but it is the performance level that fabrics can offer to compliment the structures including quick dry, moisture management, UV protection and cool touch.


Hyosung Corporation is one of Korea’s leading multinational conglomerates, with annual worldwide sales of more than $12.6 billion. Hyosung maintains a global network of more than 36 subsidiaries and international branch offices around the globe. Hyosung operates in seven performance groups: Chemicals, Construction, Industrial Materials, Information & Communication, Power & Industrial Systems, Textiles and Trading.

* MIPAN®,regenTM, MIPAN® Robic®, Aerowarm®, Askin®, Aerosilver®, Aerocool®, creora®, Prizma® are registered trademarks of Hyosung Corporation.


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