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TRUSST: start up develops new bra concept

BACKED by USD 50’000 funding from a start up accelerator programme, two graduates of Carnegie Mellon University have founded Trusst Lingerie to develop a promising bra technology concept. The new approach promises much greater comfort, especially for women with larger, heavier breasts Using engineering principles, Sophia Bermann and Laura West have created a bra that provides support from beneath the breasts instead of from above through the straps. The partners claim that the entirely new patent-pending structure eliminates wires and metal but supports 80 per cent of breast weight, which will avoid strap strain and pains on shoulders. The first target consumers will be in the large size market.


If the new bra really performs as claimed, with no unexpected problems, it could, in time, provide formidable competition for conventional bras, especially in larger sizes.

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