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VAN DE VELDE: 2015 wholesale sales strengthened

AGAIN in 2015, luxury lingerie concern Van de Velde’s audited report showed higher like-for-like wholesale sales, that year up by 6 per cent to EUR 209m. Expressed in USD, sales of the Rigby & Peller chain in the US, which formerly traded as Intimacy, declined again, by 9.7 per cent but generated sales in EUR that were 7.2 per cent higher. Retail operations in Europe produced a like-for-like increase of 5.8 per cent, mainly thanks to strong performance in Germany and the Netherlands. Consolidated recurrent EBITDA rose by 7.3 per cent to EUR 61.9m, thanks to stronger wholesale sales and improved margins.

Marie Jo by Van de Velde

Marie Jo by Van de Velde

The continuing strength of wholesale sales reflects the ever keener demand for more exclusive luxury lingerie.


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