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VAN DE VELDE: sales growth maintained in 2014

LUXURY lingerie manufacturer Van de Velde published audited annual results for 2014 that showed sales up by 8.7 per cent, to EUR 198.4m, as wholesale sales rose by 9.6 per cent and despite the continuing decline of sales by the Intimacy retail chain in the US. Retail sales in continental Europe rose by 20.3 per cent while sales of Rigby & Peller stores in the UK were 6.8 per cent higher. As a result, REBITDA rose by 18.6 per cent to EUR 57.7m. Looking to the future, the order book position promises a further increase in wholesale sales in the first half of 2015. Earlier, it had been announced that the group’s Spanish operation, under the Andrés Sardá label, had launched an online store currently available to consumers in Spain and France, but with an English version targeting the US market.


Andres Sarda by Van de Velde

Andres Sarda by Van de Velde

The progress made in 2014, despite continuing problems with retailing in the US, is a tribute to the creative and management strengths of the company.

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