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VAN DE VELDE: retail chain expansion planned


LEADING Belgian luxury lingerie concern Van de Velde said that it intends to develop further its Rigby & Peller retail operation in Great Britain. Within the coming five years, it plans to raise three-fold the number of the chain’s stores in the UK and Eire. The current eight stores in London and one in Leeds, are to be joined by at least another 20 outlets by 2019. The new stores are to be franchises and the range of 23 brands sold is to be broadened by adding other labels at relatively lower average price points. At present, the average price of a bra in the chain’s outlets is GBP 57.


Rigby & Peller

Rigby & Peller

In the UK, the reputation of Rigby & Peller as a high quality retailer is so firmly established that the introduction of a few more affordable labels is unlikely to reduce the prestige of shopping there.



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