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YSE: product range extended

FRENCH brand Ysé, that was created in 2012 to specialize in smaller A and B cup sizes, is now proposing bras with C cups. It explains that, in doing so, it is responding to the expressed needs of women who visited its pop-up stores and asked for the styles shown to be made available in larger sizes. Consequently, the range for the current season extends from 80A to 95C. The company insists that it remains focused on fitting women with smaller breasts and that the larger size is proposed in response to the demand of some potential customers. At the same time, the brand announced that some of the swimwear items introduced into the collection for S/S 2015 would be available to customers around the year.



The success of the brand to date confirms that only bra designs conceived specifically for smaller breasts, rather than merely scaled down from larger sizes, provide precisely the fit and comfort required by customers. The same principle also applies to plus size bras, which confirms that successful bra design involves much more than the application of predetermined grading rules.


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