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BENDON: Biofit technology to be applied to new licence

THE RECENT licensing deal concluded by the company with Playboy Enterprises allows Australian bodywear concern Bendon to produce and market under the BIOFIT x Playboy label a new range of lingerie featuring its exclusive Biofit bra technology. Biofit involves customized padding that provides unique inner support to create the perfect measure of cleavage according to cup size. The technology was first featured in the US by some products of Victoria’s Secret and is said to have proved very successful. Bendon CEO Justin Davis-Rice commented: « BIOFIT x Playboy fuses the allure of Playboy with our renowned BIOFIT technology for a contemporary, stylish and seductive everyday line. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner these two iconic brands to offer customers a new and improved intimates experience.”Bendon-Playboy220Bendon could be hoping that the Playboy logo will allow it deliver a rabbit punch to its rivals


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