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CHINA: bra size tends to correlate with income level

STATISTICS analysed by Taobao, the major online store in China, showed that B-cup size bras bought in 2014 accounted for 39.9 per cent of all bra purchases, with little change against preceding years. Sales of C-cup bras rose to account for 13.1 per cent of all purchases, against 8.9 per cent in 2011, while sales of A-cup bras slipped to 21.5 per cent of purchases, against 25.26 per cent in 2011. Further, according to Taobao, more than 80 per cent of B-cup bra buyers are in the low or medium income category while 80 per cent of those buying G-cup bras enjoy medium to high income. The figures also indicate that unmarried women tend to buy larger cup sizes than wives.


The size and income correlation suggests that surgical breast enhancement is becoming increasingly fashionable among more affluent Chinese women.



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