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PALMERS: acquired by local family

THE LARGEST lingerie retail chain in Austria, Palmers with some 300 owned or franchised stores in the country, was acquired for an undisclosed amount by Marc, Tino and Luca Wieser who own and operate ITM Consult. The acquisition was supported by a local group of investors. Marc Wieser told the local press that it was intended to use the dominant market positioning of Palmers in Austria in order to develop the brand into a significant international business. He added that the growth strategy would involve the development of a seamless multichannel business that would provide consumers with a state-of-the-art purchasing experience.



The Wieser brothers’ track record in retailing makes their objective achievable in theory but it remains to be seen whether they can develop the design strengths and global supply chains that Palmers will need if it is to become an international player of major significance.


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