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BENDON: first swimwear collection launched

FOLLOWING the success of the Heidi Klum lingerie collection it launched in January 2015, bodywear giant Bendon chose the same label to make its first step into the world of swimwear. The new Heidi Klum swimwear collection is to launch in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere 10 July 2016 at prices ranging from around EUR 60 to some EUR 158. Bendon CEO Justin Davis-Rice told trade publication WWD: “Swimwear has always been a part of the growth strategy for the Heidi Klum brand. It’s a natural category extension for Bendon, [because of] our technical knowledge in fit and production. And we have in Heidi Klum a creative director who not only brings credibility and exhaustive fashion credentials, but who also epitomizes the essence of summer.”

Heidi Klum by Bendon

Heidi Klum by Bendon

Possibly the currently most widely recognized supermodel name, Heidi Klum is a highly promising label for a new swimwear collection, which makes its success highly probable.


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