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                            CREATIVE TRACES by CELC

             Spring-Summer 2016


‘Dream your life in colour, it’s the secret of happiness’ Walt Disney


Big Data Society is overwhelmed by the incredible richness and variety of information. Everyone lives a parallel life and nothing gets old. Normality is released and fundamentals become fashionable. We believe that Spring-Summer 2016 can be the perfect time to experiment with new ideas and produce new materials that are “beautiful” and “well done”.


The colour proposal is flexible and allows liberating combinations, enhancing through aesthetic research and semiotic in-depth analysis new stories and unexpected emotions.



The sophisticated simplicity of white linen fabrics, pure and natural.

Fundamental colours exploring a range of whites, from the purest off white to cool or warm natural white tones. Colours enhancing the importance of continuity rather than that of change.


Fabrics are special in their essentiality and perfection, mainly in 100% Linen, for timeless beauty.

  • Extrafine and superlight linen shirtings
  • Dense and compact, flat plain weaves
  • Regular small textured effects
  • Tone on tone classic masculine designs
  • Subtle variegated mélanges
  • Half linen chambray
  • Refined alternatives of thick and thin textures



Sparkling, shivering lightness blending fine linen qualities with techno transparencies for smart fabric solutions.


Colours are luminous, hues of air and water, enhancing the natural lustre and the frothy clarity of pure linen.


Fabrics express modernity and technicality blending rich flax qualities and advanced synthetics.

  • Crystalline, dewy linen/PA voiles
  • Shimmering stretch linen
  • Minimal shiny mat jacquards
  • Laser-cut techno laces
  • Delicate plissés
  • Wavy colour gradations
  • Glossy refined coatings


The fruits of imagination, refreshing a greedy array of charming materials.


Tasty colours add sugary accents to pulpy volumes. Fluid jelly tones play with layerings and transparencies.


Fabrics experiment unexpected tactile effects through innovative solutions.

  • Tubular irregular jacquards
  • 3D Micro or macro honeycomb textures
  • Knitted stripes alternating thick and thin linen qualities
  • Fluid fine ribbed jersey in linen-viscose blends
  • Lightweight slubbed linen silk Shantung.
  • Grainy shiny sugary effects in linen-PES.
  • Glossy coatings on diffused digital printed designs



The harmonious mood recalling the beauty of nature with a vintage edge, that is easy and relaxed.


The colour palette introduces a range of subdued tones with powdery and matt aspect.


Fabrics mix practicality and comfort with delicate decorative elements, to dress a casual summer style.

  • Linen-cotton cloth in marled colours
  • Washed and weathered linen weaves
  • Digital weathered printed toiles
  • Geometrically regular textured tonal jacquards
  • Old style tapestry jacquards
  • Medium weight plain or ribbed knitted fabrics
  • Striped fancy knits



A formal harmony interpreting great beauty and controlled elegance. A sober graphic modernity reflecting cosmopolitan hybrid influences.


Colours introduce a rich darkness, enhanced by intense pigments and calmed by a smooth black.


Fabrics look sober and reflect normality, however with the variety of weights with apparently simple textures and graphic effects.

  • Bold 3D knitted reliefs
  • Compact calendered window-checks
  • Regular striped shirtings
  • Creased mélanges
  • Linen-wool blends in herringbone and other classical textures
  • Printed organic effects on relief textures
  • Laser-cut geometries
  • Graphic bold colour blockings


The creative freedom and the spontaneity of spectacular colours and weaves reflect the dynamic rhythm of contemporary life and a longing for happiness.


Exuberant colours express their passion and optimism. Used in combination with all the other groups they infused energy into the season.


Fabrics fit both apparel and home textiles (mainly outdoor) developments.

  • Bold deck-chair multicolor stripes
  • Coarse 3D Linen-cotton reliefs
  • Corded effects
  • Irregular salt and pepper blends
  • Slubbed linen-cotton raw weaves
  • Spectacular pictorial basic










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