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DARJEELING: lingerie chain adds hosiery to assortment


THE LINGERIE chain operated by the Chantelle concern under the Darjeeling label is to introduce a range of hosiery into its assortment within the coming weeks. The new range includes 15 styles of stockings and tights proposed under four themes: Audace features innovative designs, Dévoilé applies to classic styles, Courbes comprises shaping legwear and Sensuel applies to warmer opaque styles. The hosiery is being introduced initially in about half of the 145 Darjeeling stores as well as in the online store. Other stores will provide a facility for ordering hosiery online, for delivery at the store.


Despite the general weakness of hosiery sales, the more diversified offer could well boost the volume of multiple sales within the chain’s stores and provide an improved service to customers.



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