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DOGI: set to resume growth under new ownership

FOLLOWING its acquisition by Sherpa Capital, leading supplier of stretch fabrics for intimate apparel Dogi is expected to resume growth this year. According to the business plan for 2014-2016 presented to the CNMV, the Spanish equivalent of the SEC, the company is expected to achieve annual growth of 3 per cent in Spain and of 4 per cent in the US through its EFA subsidiary. Much of the predicted resumption of growth is due to the company winning back orders lost during the period of uncertainty that preceded the acquisition. The planned diversification of the product range, to supply the sportswear, medical and industrial markets, is intended to support continued growth in the years to come. Later, it was announced that quotation of Dogi shares would be resumed this week after a five-year suspension.


Dogi – EFA

The decision to serve other markets promises to spur technological innovation that will also benefit the range of intimate apparel fabrics.

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