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ESPRIT: franchisees given share in online sales

INTERNATIONAL leisurewear chain Esprit, which includes innerwear in its assortment, unveiled a new concept under which franchisees receive commission on online purchases made by consumers. Operators of the 1’258 stores franchised by the brand will receive a commission, of around 5 per cent according to the value of the basket, on purchases made through the brand’s e-commerce when the consumer signals a fidelity card issued by the franchisee. Esprit said that about 6m fidelity cards are held by consumers worldwide. To enhance the effectiveness of its online store, Esprit plans to introduce click & collect, online ordering, inventory management and communications related to e-commerce.




This move, which deserves to be adopted by all franchised chains, could help Esprit to recover from the setbacks it has suffered in recent years.



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