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FIGLEAVES: technology enhances shopper experience

UK-BASED lingerie e-commerce Figleaves is implementing a new personalization strategy that will allow it to make product recommendations more appropriate to the objectives of individual shoppers. The brand is working with omnichannel personalisation company RichRelevance to deliver shopper-specific, data-driven product recommendations for each customer interaction across any channel. Figleaves.com will then be able to dynamically up-sell and cross-sell merchandise to increase sales and average order value, while creating a more engaging overall shopping experience for consumers. Tom Fitzgibbons, head of web and insight at Figleaves.com said: “Currently, over 1.2 million shoppers visit the Figleaves.com website each month. By tapping into their existing customer data and shopping patterns, and combining this with our advanced data analytics expertise, Figleaves.com will be the ultimate online destination for lingerie and swimwear in the UK and internationally.”



Since the same technology is being adopted by other distributors in the UK, including lingerie market leader Marks & Spencer, the end results may prove less decisive than expected. Overall, however, the technology promises to make the Internet an even more important channel for bodywear sales.

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