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GERMANY: decline of lingerie impulse purchases noted


COMMISSIONED by textile trade publication TextilWirtschaft from market research specialists Gfk, a report on consumer behaviour finds that impulse buying of lingerie in Germany has declined considerably over the past eight years. Whereas only 30 per cent of innerwear purchases were pre-planned in 2006, the proportion has risen to 51 per cent in 2014. Women (54 per cent) tend to buy on impulse more frequently than men (46 per cent) and price rather than design provides the most frequent spur to unplanned purchases for both sexes. The search for the correct size is said to be the main factor that causes consumers to plan their purchases. The findings are based on the responses of 9954 German men and women.




The findings suggest that, at least in Germany, the importance of wearing the correct size of bra is being recognized by a growing number of women.



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