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GOTTEX: retrospective honours Lea Gottlieb

A NEW YORK exhibition pays tribute to the unique prints and distinctive styling of the Gottex beachwear collections created by Lea Gottlieb in the ’90s. Staged by the Laurie M. Tisch Gallery at the Manhattan Jewish Communal Center, the exhibition features 16 beachwear creations, including both swimsuits and cover-ups, that illustrate impressively the artistic qualities that made the luxury label an international icon. Senior curator Megan Whitman said: “The collection represents not only the triumph of a woman designer who survived the Holocaust and built an internationally successful company, but also a vivid look at the work of an artist who helped define Israel’s aesthetic.”


Lea Gottlieb

Lea Gottlieb

Designers who are too young to have appreciated the creative qualities of Gottex models designed by Lea Gottlieb will have much to gain from viewing the exhibition.



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