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HANESBRANDS: Q2 confirms strength of growth

MULTINATIONAL bodywear giant HanesBrands reported second quarter results that caused it to re-affirm its guidance for 2015. Quarterly net sales rose by 13 per cent to USD 1.52bn, generating net profit up by 15 per cent to USD 265m. This allowed the company to re-affirm its 2015 guidance for adjusted EPS growth of 13 to 17 per cent. The results are said to be driven by continued acquisition benefit, global supply chain performance and expansion of margin. While innerwear sales slipped by 1 per cent in the quarter, operating profit from that activity rose by 7 per cent.


Wonderbra by HanesBrands

Wonderbra by HanesBrands

The steadily improving performance of the business has caused it to be one of the very few textile companies that is being reported upon positively by analysts, which is a noteworthy achievement.

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