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HUNKEMOELLER: expansion plans revealed

SPEAKING to Belgian trade medium Retail DetailHunkemöller CEO Philip Mountford said that the lingerie chain planned to expand considerably this year and in 2015. This year, it expects to open 80 new stores, with a comparable expansion to follow in 2015. Particular emphasis is to be placed on expanding the network in Germany, where operations have hitherto been largely confined to the Northern half of the country. Expansion there is to be concentrated in Southern regions. At the same time, the chain intends to develop yet further its online sales, which currently account for more than 7.5 per cent of its turnover. Last year, the chain that operates over 600 stores in 16 countries raised its sales by EUR 20m to a total of EUR 272m, largely thanks to the expansion of its network.



The very successful mix of creativeness and affordable prices offered by the chain’s private label collection promises to generate appreciable further growth in the years to come.

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