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INTIMISSIMI: men’s underwear stores reach Spain

THE NETWORK of Intimissimi stores devoted to men’s underwear , which was originally launched in Italy by Calzedonia, was expanded to Spain as the first Intimissimi Uomo store there opened in Barcelona. The 32m2 store complements the more than 150 women’s lingerie stores of Intimissimi in Spain and the eight Intimissimi Uomo stores in Italy. The stores offer men’s loungewear, beachwear and legwear as well as underwear. Calzedonia said that it plans to open up to 30 Intimissimi Uomo stores by the end of 2015 but without defining the countries targeted.


Intimissimi Uomo

Intimissimi Uomo

The projected growth of the men’s underwear chain promises to strengthen the trend in favour of fashonable innerwear for men.

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