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INVISTA: competition planned to promote legwear

WITH the objective of promoting the interest of young people in fashion tights, Invista, producer of Lycra fibre, is organising an online photo competition in six major European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. The competition is part of the Legfie Love campaign and all that participants have to do is to post a selfie of their legs, a legfie, on the Facebook page of Lycra that illustrates their interpretation of the advantages provided by Lycra fibre. The competition runs from 12 January to 1 February and the first prize is a week’s holiday in Australia. Click here for more details of the competition.


One of the most valuable effects of the competition is that it will oblige competitors to think for themselves about the advantages of Lycra rather than to receive passively the information provided by the fibre’s producer.

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