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Contents Issue week 41-2015


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Issue Week 41-2015

Summary of news published in Week 40-2015


jpa4Sibil220TO EMPHASIZE the importance of the coverage of world news relating to the bodywear supply chain provided by SIBILintimate, the layout of our website’s home page was modified last week. Priority is now given to the daily posting of news and comments, while access to back copies of the newsletter is relegated to a secondary position. CEOs and other top executives of brands, and of their suppliers, can now access the latest news daily with a single click, rather than have to scroll down the page as in the past. This change provides yet another justification for bookmarking www.sibilintimate.com as a favourite on your computer. This is because no other source, either online or printed, provides a constant stream of news and comments that can help a company to elaborate a strategy or devise a project that promises profitable growth. It also serves as a reminder that SIBIL is an acronym of Strategic Information for Bodywear Industry Leaders.


Jean-Pierre Adeline



BACKGROUND – developments to bear in mind


STYLING: importance of visual impact stressed

SPAIN: Retail investment rising strongly



SUPPLIERS – information from the upstream sector


RADICI: 2014 Sustainability Report published

DARQUER: lace range inspired by artist’s work



THE APPAREL SCENE – news of brands and labels


RIEDL: details of S/S 2016 collections unveiled

SEAFOLLY: retail store in Dubai opened

DBAPPAREL: Dim creates capsule with singer

CHINA PARTYTIME: HK shares issue planned

SOCK IT TO ME: underwear line being prepared                                    



DISTRIBUTION – evolution of chains and channels


ALMA BLOOM: capital raised to expand network

LULULEMON: international expansion announced

RIGBY & PELLER: brand switch implemented in US

AMERICAN APPAREL: New York SEC threatens delisting                                              



PEOPLE – corporate personalities


JOSEP DOMENECH: former Dogi chief passes away

STEFAN MUELLER: takes key post at Sanitized



 EXHIBITIONS– what to see and where to trade


IFL NEW YORK: attendance more than doubled

FILO: higher attendance claimed for latest edition



FINISHING TOUCH – the smile for this week


RIDICULE: hackers propose action against Daesh




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