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Kelheim Fibres

KELHEIM FIBRES: new viscose fibre retains body heat


GERMAN producer of viscose fibres Kelheim Fibres announced the development of a viscose fibre that reflects infrared radiation. The new fibre, with IR-reflecting particles incorporated into the fibre for longer effectiveness, rather than applied to the surface, reflects thermal radiation from the body back into the wearer, thus reducing the effect of exterior cooling. Tests on fibres produced on a pilot scale show significant temperature effects when compared with standard viscose. Further physical and physiological tests are being planned to confirm its effectiveness in end uses that include thermal underwear.


Kelheim Fibres

Kelheim Fibres

Nylon fibres incorporating infrared reflecting particles have been available since last year, from Nilit and Rhodia, but this is the first time the concept has been applied to viscose, which offers extreme softness that makes it particularly pleasant against the skin.

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