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MIROGLIO: supports Detox campaign for textiles


LEADING Italian textile enterprise Miroglio Group announced its support for the Detox campaign against harmful chemicals in the textiles supply chain that was originated by Greenpeace. The group’s textile division is said to serve some 5’000 customers worldwide, including intimate apparel manufacturers that use fabrics from the Miroglio Dream collection. Commenting on the decision, Chairman Giuseppe Miroglio said: “In recent years, the Miroglio Group has made important investments in new, next-generation printing technologies. This will ensure environmental sustainability at the Miroglio Textile plants in Govone and Alba and has led to notable reductions in water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As such, we have already begun this process and we plan to continue to pursue this philosophy in a serious and responsible manner”.


Miroglio Group

Miroglio Group

Until Greenpeace began its campaign, it was thought that potentially harmful chemicals were found only in garments made in Asia with locally produced fabrics, rather than in the collections of leading Western brands, whether sourced abroad or not.


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