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NILIT: specialty fibres to be highlighted in Munich


A LEADING world producer of nylon 6.6 fibres and yarns, Nilit, is to highlight two of its most successful functional fibres at the Performance Days salon being staged at the MTC in Munich on 4 and 5 November. Its exhibits on stand 506, Hall 5, will feature prominently the Nilit Breeze yarn that provides a cooling sensation for bodywear and hosiery as well as the Nilit Heat thermo insulating yarn that conserves natural body heat to warm wearers from inside out.


Nilit Breeze

Nilit Breeze

Because the salon promises to attract many producers of functional apparel, it should allow the Nilit yarns featured there to achieve broader penetration of the market, including in the bodywear and hosiery sectors.

New Nilit banner

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