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PALMERS: innovations help sales remain stable

THE LEADING lingerie chain in Austria, Palmers, declared stable sales for truncated fiscal year 2015, from 01-02-2015 to 31-07-2015, at EUR 54m and a positive EBITDA of EUR 1.4m. Innovative products, such as the Lotus Beachwear range in a fabric that sheds water boosted 2015 swimwear sales by 15 per cent, while AirBra, Miyabi homewear and Revita Legs hosiery, all made a significant contribution to sales. The lingerie collection under the designer label Lena Hoschek, which is to be launched on November 6, is expected to boost sales yet further in the coming months.



After having shown signs of marking time in past years, the chain is now adopting more aggressive marketing measures that should allow it to regain much of its former dominance on the Austrian market.


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