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PARAH: A/W 2015/16 collection


April 2, 2015 – Theatricality and performance, love for the excess, intimacy and exhibitionism, luxury: these are the keywords of Parah for Fall Winter 2015-16.
The new “Irresistible” collection is based on the concept of selfie, in its most contemporary meaning – as femininity, consciousness, eagerness to stand out, feel good to be liked – all features that have always been part of Parah DNA. It has been thought of for a confident woman, who enjoys playing with her image and that knows exactly what to choose. Hence, the recall to theatricality, in a game that turns into exhibition, where the others are mere spectators. Absolute emblem of this strong connotation is the new Parah campaign for FW 15-16 – shot in a luxury penthouse that overlooks downtown Milan – in a mysterious game of lights, shadows and skyline reflections to emphasize the handcrafted details of every piece.
Lingerie embodies the peak of this theatricality, characterized by a strong sensuality and desire to show off, up to a passion for excess. The fashion pieces are incredibly sexy, the emblem of Made in Parah luxury.
For the next season the leading palette will be represented by vibrant and rich colors with shades that go from reds (along with deep pink hues) to bright blues, all the way to bronze. Next to this palette, black and ice grey are always a must-have.
“Craftsmanship is the distinctive feature of all Parah collections for next winter season” – says Gianluca Piazzalunga, Chairman of Parah S.p.A. “This is a very important value for us, together with a constant creative research, in order to be able to design fashion collections with a high stylistic content”.
All Parah items for FW 2015-16 have been conceived to be extremely versatile and transversal, to give every woman the chance to try on various looks and play with very seductive and even bold fashion pieces.
Parah is a historic and renowned Italian brand in the world of beachwear and lingerie, distinguishable for the high quality, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, creativity, femininity, sensuality and cool glamour: this is #ParahWorld. As of today, Parah is distributed in more than 1.300 shops around Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates, Russia e United States.


Parah Lingerie “Irresistible” for Fall Winter 2015-16 is strongly inspired by theatricality, meant as exhibition and the wish to stand out that recalls the strong sense of the individual. The essence of every woman will arise thanks to extraordinary pieces belonging to the Made in Parah tradition.

The collection is composed by five series:


This world reminds the French XVIII century, but is reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way. A well-definite color palette characterized by refined shades expressed on chantilly lace with soft and tenuous rebrodé details.

Classical shapes for best-seller pieces and innovative design lines for the most captivating items. Color palette: black, ice grey and fuchsia.

New Entries 

The Fall Winter 2015-16 collection presents some special pieces (couture body and bijou body) as well as two brand-new models – one body and slip skirt – whose peculiarity is to be tied to all bras of the series.

Couture Body: couture special piece, the apotheosis of stylistic creation and of the whole collection. The idea comes from the typical pannier skirt of the 1700s with a cage-like structure, and is reinterpreted in a true visionary way with lace and sticks covered by satin. The highest expression of lingerie, it is considered the perfect accessory to be matched with a very special underwear as well as to embellish any outfit for an ultra glamour touch.

One Body: a special brief that, tiding up to the bra, becomes a mono-piece.

Bijou Body: an underwear embellished by a shower of jewels, a precious accessory that makes it extremely special.



A story of crossings, evocations and emotions that is freely expressed in a series of original items, where embroidered threads take shape and become fascinating gothic geometries – between tulle effects, contrasting applications and strings that, together, acquire decisive chromatisms.


Color palette: black and red. Key piece: culotte with skirt.

Culotte with skirt


A libertarian, audacious, nonconformist world. The icon of a free woman, capable of breaking the rules. Reserved to an independent woman that knows how to get what she wants.

Strict palette: Black-Rock-Chic. Neat and well-defined lines, experimentation of unusual materials for the lingerie world. Key piece: skirt in eco-friendly leather with lace embroidery.


Skirt in eco-friendly leather with lace embroidery



Refined and seductive, this line has a sensual retrò perfume. Ultra-feminine shapes emphasized by fluid fabrics and a precious macramé embroidery.

Color palette declined in black, blue and bronze shades.

The embroidery and the other elements show up in a subliminal way, mixing up with pleats and show a vivid transparency effect, recalling the look of the cabaret dancers, icons of the 1900s. Key piece: guêpière gown and the special see-through fashion lingerie.



For Fall Winter 2015-16 Parah proposes also a corsetry collection in two formats: as bustier or actual corset, always in line with the inspiration and transversal mood “selfie”.

The “Irresistible” collection captures a new emerging fashion trend that fully represents Parah, both for the luxurious and seductive aspects – that emerge from our items – and for the great know-how behind product making.

Parah corsets are thought of also as outer underwear, therefore can be perfectly matched to any piece of clothing. Besides the traditional use as elegant fashion item, they can be worn as an everyday accessory too – under a blazer or as external apparel – together with our Concept pieces (for instance, over a t-shirt or a blouse).

All corsets are built with firm sticks, internally covered with cotton and characterized by a twist of satin on the back.

Fabrics: damask jacquard, velvet embroidered with micro sequins, deer leather with python-like print effect.





Our “capsule” perfectly summarizes all the features that distinguish, reinforce and give value to the Parah brand.

For the FW 2015-16 collection, this capsule has been heavily inspired by an element that reminds the Mediterranean sea: the coral, a natural artistic masterpiece that takes a dozen years to form, and which recalls originality, elegance and perfection like all Made in Parah collections.

The precious applications in macramé top, the embroidery and the highlights in authentic Swarovski® crystals decorate swimsuits, bikini and all other fashion pieces. They embrace the feminine body giving birth to extremely creative and refined items, where the brand’s remarkable know-how best expresses its value and identity.

The all-over print – that comes both from a sort of Japanese chromatic and graphic inspiration – can be matched to the whole color palette: black, ocean blue and sun yellow, thus creating an image of absolute perfection.

The unusual materials for beachwear (as piqué Lycra), combined with the use of modern technologies and the great attention to details, create a capsule conceived for a modern yet sophisticated woman.

“Coral” Capsule Collection 


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