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TRENDS: New York bodywear scene surveyed

UNDER the heading New York Harvests its Classics the latest report from Concepts Paris surveys the New York pre-Christmas shopping scene, with special emphasis on innerwear and related products or trends,. E-mailed to subscribers last week, the report concludes that it is a scene of small changes in proportion, fabric and finishing detail, with multifunctionality as the determining factor for separates to individualize the wardrobe. An earlier report from the same source provided a preview of the trend directions that will be featured on the Fashion Forum at the January edition of the Paris Interfilière salon, details of which have not yet been revealed by the salon.


Concepts Paris

Concepts Paris

For many years, Concepts Paris has been the internationally recognized authority on bodyfashion trends. Consequently, its predictions and recommendations play an important role in determining the look of major bodywear labels and collections worldwide.



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