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WOLFORD: eco-friendly strategy affirmed

LUXURY Austrian hosiery and lingerie brand Wolford announced that it has joined the Bluesign Technology association to demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection. The association sets the strictest environmental standards for the textile sector and covers every element of the textile supply chain in terms of consumer protection, employee safety, waste water and emissions. Wolford COO Axel Dreher commented: “This system partnership reflects the perceived overall responsibility of Wolford in practice and is the next logical step in terms of the company’s internal sustainability process. Furthermore, the introduction of the bluesign® system will further develop and enhance the confidence that our partners, customers and end consumers have in us. Wolford is aware of its social responsibility and has already set benchmarks in terms of ecological standards by way of investment measures at its headquarters in Bregenz. We will continue along this path in the future.”




The choice of Switzerland-based Bluesign Technology, which indeed sets the most stringent sustainability standards for the textile industry, for its environmental certification is yet another expression of Wolford’s commitment to the highest standards in all aspects of its operations.

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